A high-performance, extensible Internet server framework.


Under New Management

In Jun 2002 Andrew Kuchling kindly took up the maintenance of medusa. He has an updated release available via sourceforge.

Since the eGroups mailing list has become completely swamped in spam, the mailing list is moving to python.org

Medusa is an architecture for building long-running, high-performance network servers in Python.

Medusa is in use now in several mission-critical applications, ranging from custom web servers at extremely high-traffic sites to distributed data processing systems.

It is an elegant and efficient solution to a difficult programming problem. Medusa's core async-socket library is very stable; it has been in use virtually unchanged since 1995. [It's also part of the Python Library as of Python-1.5.2, see asyncore.py and asynchat.py]

README for Medusa.
A description of Medusa.
A short tutorial on Medusa programming.

The latest release of Medusa is available:


-Sam Rushing

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