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I currently live in the Beautiful town of Bothell, Washington (about 20 miles northeast of Seattle). After many years of trying I finally live near mountains; we are tucked between the beautiful Cascade Range and the Olympic Peninsula:

(Snow Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Cascades)

(Trail to Hurricane Hill, Olympic National Forest)

I am a software developer. I worked for NASA for 8 years, at the Kennedy Space Center. One of the projects I worked on while at NASA was WinVN, a public-domain Usenet newsreader for MS Windows. I was the maintainer for several years. I left NASA in March of 1995 in order to start Nightmare Software, where I hope to continue creating hackable software for the masses.

My current project is Medusa, a high-performance, long-running, and extensible tcp/ip server platform written in Python. Over the past year I have been laying the ground-work for a new incarnation of Medusa, with Lunacy, a small Scheme system that efficiently supports first-class continuations and coroutines.

I recently hired on with eGroups, an Internet start-up that builds 'e-communities' around public and private electronic mailing lists. I am being given the opportunity to design several software systems built around Medusa; we are leveraging its capabilities for such things as on-the-fly translation and custom long-running servers with lots of state. I have also built a 'massively parallel' SMTP delivery system that can deliver millions of messages per day.

A capsule view:

In September 1996, Jennifer Ott of Orlando, Florida hitched her wagon to mine. 'Twas a splendid ceremony at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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